Socket Object Plugin

This object plugin allows to incorporate network operations into an application developed in AutoPlay Media Studio.

With this plugin, it is possible to build point-to-point chats, multi-user chat rooms, embed POP3 and SMTP mail clients into your multimedia application, or establish communication over any other TCP/IP port. Support for UDP/IP is included as well.

Several finished and fully working example projects are included in the documentation.


“Nice work Ulrich!
This is a very cool plugin. I can't wait to see what people come up with using this one.”

“Thanks Mr. Peters, this is amazing!”

“Wow! this is fantastic. Great job.”

“nice one Ulrich - this means i can do away with my .NET socket lib, and i just know now my boss will have me updateing some of our software products ... i see some overtime coming!”

“I've been playing around with this plugin non-stop and I love it!”

“Thanks for this awesome plugin.”

Software Compatibility

AutoPlay Media Studio 8


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Support Policy

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