Amazon AWS S3 Actions Plugin

This is an action plugin that allows to perform tasks on S3 Amazon Web Services, such as creating buckets, checking for files in the cloud, as well as upload and download files.

The current list of the actions implemented in this plugin with example code can be viewed online, at this address.

With this plugin, you could build a stub installer with Setup Factory, containing just the minimum amount of needed files, while the larger files can be downloaded directed from the cloud during the setup.

In an application built with AutoPlay Media Studio, you could upload customer files into dedicated buckets in the cloud. The possibilities are not limited to these examples.

AutoPlay Media Studio (versions 7 and 8)
Setup Factory (versions 7 to 9.5)
Visual Patch


  • S3.CreateBucket()
  • S3.DeleteBucket()
  • S3.DoesObjectExist()
  • S3.DownloadFile()
  • S3.GetBucketRegion()
  • S3.ListBuckets()
  • S3.UploadFile()


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