HTTP Actions Plugin

This actions plugin adds several functions to the existing features of the HTTP module.


While the built-in HTTP module is capable of downloading files from remote servers, this plugin adds the possibility of resuming aborted or incomplete downloads. If a local file already exists, then you can resume the download until the whole file was successfully received.

Also, the built-in HTTP functions allow the submission of web forms, but not the "multipart/form-data", which allows that files are attached to the data and submitted to the web server for further processing.

Finally, another feature added by this plugin is the possibility of testing if a SSL certificate on a "https" server is actually valid. Certificates expire, and can be forged to impersonate servers. With this action, many tests are performed on the certificate, the chain, and even the root certificates, making sure that a SSL server was not compromised. All this is done without actually downloading any file from the server.

SSL Tests Performed

While testing the integrity of the SSL certificate of a secure web server, these tests are performed:

  • Certificate validity
  • Certificate chain
  • Expiration date
  • Self-signed certificate
  • Use of untrusted root certificate
  • Certificate revokation
  • Mismatch between common name or subject alternative name and actual server name
  • OSCP checks


While the plugin comes with a basic help file, detailing the proper use of the actions, the installer will deploy a template for AutoPlay Media Studio 8, and a sample project for Setup Factory 9, assisting you with the understanding of the features.

One of the details is that a name of a field in a "multipart/form-data" form needs to start with "_FILE_" if it is used to attach a file to the form, to be understood correctly by the plugin. This prefix will be removed before actually sending the data to the server.


  • HTTP.IsValidCertificate()
  • HTTP.ResumeDownload()
  • HTTP.ResumeDownloadSecure()
  • HTTP.SubmitMultipart()
  • HTTP.SubmitMultipartSecure()
  • HTTP.GetFileSizeEx() (Lua 5.1 compilation only)


Software Compatibility

AutoPlay Media Studio (versions 7 and 8)
Setup Factory (versions 7 to 9.5)
Visual Patch


You can download the installer from here.

Support Policy

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