SQLite3 Actions Plugin

This plugin makes use of the SQLite Embeddable SQL Database Engine to add high-performance database functionality to your application developed with AutoPlay Media Studio, or your installer built with Setup Factory 9.

This SQLite3 plugin also uses the same actions and parameters as the original SQLite plugin, for version 2.x, which ships with AutoPlay Media Studio. This means that migrating a project from SQLite2 to SQLite3 is very easy and quickly done. No need to rewrite the whole code to match the LuaSQL or the wrapper syntax!

Software Compatibility

AutoPlay Media Studio (versions 7 and 8)
Setup Factory (versions 7 to 9.5)


  • SQLite3.Close()
  • SQLite3.Compile()
  • SQLite3.Finalize()
  • SQLite3.GetChanges()
  • SQLite3.GetEncoding()
  • SQLite3.GetErrorString()
  • SQLite3.GetLastErrorString()
  • SQLite3.GetLastInsertedRowID()
  • SQLite3.GetNullString()
  • SQLite3.GetRowColumnNamesArray()
  • SQLite3.GetRowColumnTypesArray()
  • SQLite3.GetRowColumnTypesAssoc()
  • SQLite3.GetRowDataArray()
  • SQLite3.GetRowDataAssoc()
  • SQLite3.GetVersion()
  • SQLite3.Interrupt()
  • SQLite3.Open()
  • SQLite3.Query()
  • SQLite3.QueryToTable()
  • SQLite3.SetBusyTimeout()
  • SQLite3.SetNullString()
  • SQLite3.Step()


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Support Policy

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