ODBC Actions Plugin

This plugin allows developers of AutoPlay Media Studio, Setup Factory, TrueUpdate or Visual Patch the connection to SQL databases, using the proper ODBC driver. These connections can be made through DSNs in the ODBC Administration panel, or may be DSN-less, allowing the developer to establish connections to databases without modifying the user's system, just by passing the driver name and connection parameters manually.

Once successfully connected to the database of his choice (which may be Firebird SQL, Microsoft Access, Oracle, Visual FoxPro, Sybase, SQL Server, or MySQL, just to name a few), the developer can perform any queries, and extract the resulting data (recordsets and column names), to be filled into tables, data grids, etc. The plugin has additional advanced functions that return resultsets as tables, can executed stored procedures, and retrieve BLOB fields.


“This is a welcome addition to AMS. Great job.”

“(...) This is a very good plugin, I recently downloaded the trial for this. And it is definitely the best option for databases.”

“I have downloaded and used it (just for try) with an application wich has been built in order to connect a external Oracle Database and I have to say that it was working very well.”

“Excellent, thank you! worked a treat. Managed to get project finished in time!”

“Excellent, it works a treat :)
Looking forward to the next step, looking ever more promising.
Congratulations on this build.”

Software Compatibility

AutoPlay Media Studio (versions 7 and 8)
Setup Factory (versions 7 to 9.5)
Visual Patch


  • ODBC.OpenDSNConnection()
  • ODBC.OpenDirectConnection()
  • ODBC.ExecuteSQL()
  • ODBC.ExecuteDirect()
  • ODBC.OpenQuery()
  • ODBC.GetLastException()
  • ODBC.GetNumCols()
  • ODBC.GetColumnName()
  • ODBC.GetBlob()
  • ODBC.GetColumn()
  • ODBC.GetFieldType()
  • ODBC.NextRow()
  • ODBC.PrevRow()
  • ODBC.FirstRow()
  • ODBC.LastRow()
  • ODBC.IsEOF()
  • ODBC.IsBOF()
  • ODBC.IsDeleted()
  • ODBC.IsOpen()
  • ODBC.CloseQuery()
  • ODBC.CloseConnection()
  • ODBC.QueryToTable()
  • ODBC.SetQueryTimeout()
  • ODBC.SetLoginTimeout()


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Support Policy

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