The software available for download at this time is incomplete, but new content is being added when time allows. Soon you will find here many other software extensions for Indigo Rose products.

Do you need a certain script, dependency, or plugin which was not yet re-published on this new site? You can request the software if you make a donation. Please see the bottom of this page for details.

Actions Plugins

Actions plugins are used to expand the possibilities of AutoPlay Media Studio, Setup Factory, TrueUpdate and Visual Patch with new functions.

Action plugins available for download at this moment:

Object Plugins

Object plugins are used to show new type of content and provide new events that can be triggered on pages and dialogs of projects built with AutoPlay Media Studio.

Object plugins available for download at this moment:



Lua Modules can be added to applications developed with AutoPlay Media Studio 8 or installers built with Setup Factory 9. They add new specialized features which can be very useful.


Dependencies are used to test for the existence of certain technologies before continuing with the script - which can be a project built with AutoPlay Media Studio, or an installer built with Setup Factory, updaters using TrueUpdate and/or Visual Patch, or a bootstrapper of an installer built with MSI Factory. If the required technology is not yet installed, a dependency module can be used to prompt the user to install it, or interrupt the current script. If you need a specific dependency module not yet found here, please contact me: I may be able to develop it for you for a reasonable cost.

Dependency modules available for download at this moment: